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5 Best Pool Movies

While pool is a very popular game to play leisurely, it is often underrated when compared to other sports. For this reason, it may surprise you to learn that the game of pool has made an impact in the film industry. Here is a look at five great pool movies.

    • The Hustler (1961)

Produced by Twentieth Century Fox, The Hustler is a special showcase of Hollywood pool. Jackie Gleason portrays the pool champion Minnesota Fats, while Paul Newman portrays the challenger to Fats, Fast Eddie Felson. The battle between Fats and Felson takes place over two sessions at Ames Billiards in New York City.

    • The Color of Money (1986)

Paul Newman once again stars as Fast Eddie Felson in this sequel to The Hustler. Felson, now a liquor salesman, takes a young pool hustler, played by Tom Cruise, under his wing. Both men head to Atlantic City, where they participate in the Nine Ball Classic. Many professional pool players, including Michael Sigel and Jimmy Mataya were advisors for the film.

    • Pool-hall Junkies (2002)

Mars Callahan stars as a pool shark who is bothered by the tough management of his mentor. The two men split, with Callahan starting a new job in construction. Eventually, Callahan is forced to return to pool hustling in order to save his brother. Callahan must play one huge match with everything on the line.

    • Stickmen (2001)

Stickmen tells the story of three buddies who find themselves in deep trouble with some local gangsters. In order to settle things with the gangsters, the three buddies begin competing in underground pool tournaments.

    • The Baltimore Bullets (1980)

James Coburn is cast as The Baltimore Bullet, an old pool hustler who mentors an up and coming pool sensation named Billie Joe Robbins. The Bullets and Robbins team up to try to take down The Deacon, played by Omar Sharif, a legendary gambler and pool hustler. Several professional players, including Steve Mizerak, Irving Crane and Michael Sigel make appearances in the film.

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