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Billiards Basics for Beginners

If you have just started playing billiards you may find the game intimidating. You may not understand the terminology or the overall strategy very well, and learning proper techniques can be difficult at first. There are some basics that you need to know in order to learn and eventually master the game, and if you keep these things in mind you will be off to a good start.

Pick your stick.
It all begins with selecting a proper billiard cue. There are two main billiards cues that you have to choose from: a house cue or a personally owned cue. If selecting a house cue from the billiards hall, inspect it to make certain it is not cracked, warped, or has excessive wear and tear on its tip. If you elect to buy a stick of your own, they may be very expensive.

Learn shooting fundamentals.
Although picking the right kind of billiards cues can go a long way, learning your shooting fundamentals is going to be the most difficult and time-consuming portion of learning to play. You will need to master three main fundamentals:

  • Position: Position yourself so there is a perfect line between yourself, the cue ball, your target, and the pocket. Then lower yourself into position rather than doing so first and then adjusting your position.
  • Bridge: Place your bridge hand about 6 inches away from the ball. Getting too close will affect your accuracy. Position your fingers so that the cue is sliding through like a groove.
  • Stroke: You need to learn the gentle touch of the shot. It is natural at first to want to strike the ball fiercely, but you will learn in time how little strike is actually needed to propel the cue ball.

Observe Your Experienced Counterparts.
When you are practicing your three fundamentals keep a close eye on more experienced players to see what does and what does not work. You should always be sizing up your competition anyway. Get off to a good start and, with practice, you will be the shark that the other newbies in the hall will be looking out for.

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