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Billiards Spotlight: World Champion Ronnie “The Volcano” Alcano

Ronato Alcano, the 2006 WPA Men’s World Nine Ball Champion, is one of the most well-known billiards champion who hails from the Philippines. Along with Efren Reyes and Alex Pagulayan, Alcano quickly made a name for himself once he started traveling the circuit.

Born in Calamba, Laguna, Alcano was originally known as Ronnie “Calamba”. Alcano began to play billiards shortly after graduating from elementary school. Financial resources were limited during his youth, so the young player chooses to hone his skill at the pool table instead of attending high school. As time passed and his popularity grew in the United States, he got the name Alcano “The Volcano”. The name suited him well. From 2002 on, he began to establish himself as a strong favorite.

After receiving azbilliards.com “Rookie of the Year” award, Alcano went on to win a number of tournaments in both the United States and Asian circuits. In 2005, he proceeded to win the WPA Asia Nine Ball Tour. The following year, he won the 2006 WPA Men’s World Nine Ball Championship. 2007 proved to be Alcano’s year for eight ball when he won the WPA World Eight Ball Championship.

Since 2007, Alcano has lost most of the tournaments he has entered, but in most cases, placed quite high in the rankings. Even though he has struggled in the past few years, Alcano continues to play and move forward with his game. In the billiards world, he still commands an audience and many of his opponents respect him for his skill and technique.

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