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Immonen and Kim: Winners of The Ultimate 10-Ball Championship

The 2013 Men’s and Women’s Ultimate 10-ball Championships were full of excitement as the final winners claimed their titles. Both champions bested their opponents after competing in a week-long series of competitions that left everyone sitting on the edges of their seats.

Ga-Young Kim of Korea faced some of the toughest women in the sport on her way to take the championship. The Princess of Precision took the steady approach, picking off her competitors one be one. A partial list of Ga-Young Kim’s opponents included:

  • Siming Chen (7-3)
  • Jasmin Ouschan (7-4)
  • Line Kjoesvik (7-2)
  • Allison Fisher (7-2)

Kim’s final match against Fisher was a true nail-biter as both struggled to take the advantage. It was Kim’s diligence, however, that finally put the win on her side.

On the men’s side, Mika Immonen never left the winner’s bracket once the competition started. Hailing from Finland, the new champ adds this year’s win to his growing list of titles. Better known as the Iceman, Immonen beat the following opponents on his way to the Men’s 10-ball Championship:

  • Ernesto Dominguez (10-2)
  • Nikos Ekonomopoulos (10-6)
  • Mike Dechaine (10-4)
  • Darren Appleton (10-7)
  • Wang Can (10-5)

Immonen’s final match was one for the record books. Wang Can had progressed steadily through the loser’s bracket after being knocked out by Immonen early on. Can’s list of impressive victory included a major win 10-2 win over Shane Van Boening. The young man from China was bound and determined to give Immonen a run for his money and he did just that, hanging until the final match.

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