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Joss Cues: An Overview

In 1968, Dan Janes returned from a pool tour and decided he could make better pool cues. In his garage in Baltimore Maryland, he started experimenting with possible designs with a partner, player Ed Kelly. There was not much to this operation as all they had was one manual lathe, a butcher shop band saw, one drill press and a very crowded single work bench. But it was apparent to both of them that they were on to something good.

As the pool cues came together, the partners started an enterprise and named it Joss Cues, after a term in the book Tai Pan meaning the coexistence of both good and bad fortune. 45 years later, Joss Cues is now the oldest family-owned pool cue manufacturer in the United States.

Joss Cues is a go-to name in pool cues for professionals and hobbyists alike. Their best-known innovation involved moving away from the traditional four-prong cue design and developing the “floating points” concept. The design proved effective and became very popular. Further innovations developed as Dan’s personal relationship with Eddie Taylor, Ed Kelly, Larry Lisciotti and other preeminent pool players resulted in more feedback. There is no doubt of the technical correctness of a Joss Cue as it results from decades of shared knowledge.

However, Joss Cues are not just technically correct. They are also beautiful. Computer-assisted carving and various inlays display unique designs. Intricate inlays take a variety of forms, including very detailed arrows and even wooly mammoths. Joss Cues also offers custom engraving for a personal touch and is willing to support custom graphics.

Dan Janes bought out his partner’s interest in 1972 and Joss Cues remained a family business since that time. Dan’s son, Stephen, offers his own innovations to the business with the same commitment as his father. Stephen and his mother, Debbie, test each cue personally before shipping.

Joss Cues ships products all over the world as well as its home in the United States. The combination of solid design, attractive appearance and pride in its work makes Joss Cues a reliable and favored cue manufacturer.

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