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Tips for Moving Pool Tables Safely

A pool table is one of the largest and most complicated items to move when you plan to relocate. This does not mean that it will be an impossible task, though. Getting your pool table from one location to the next requires patience and planning, otherwise it won’t matter how many people you have available to lift and maneuver it, a mishap will eventually occur – whether it’s an injury to one of your movers or damage to the pool table itself.

At the very least, when you move your pool table you will want to remove the table’s legs prior to carrying it out. The legs are either screwed in with a permanent bolt post or attached to the table with removable screws. Make sure you keep track of any parts or pieces you take out of the table, so you can reassemble it properly later.

Some movers recommend removing the side rails and pockets, and the felt surface. This is more complicated – especially with the felt – and is not necessary to get your table from Point A to Point B completely unscathed. Rather than removing those parts, use protective blankets or padding around the sides of the table and over the surface to protect them and keep them scratch-free.

Before taking the pool table out to moving truck, make sure you’ve measured the table, as well as any doorways, stairwells and passageways you’ll need to traverse, to make sure the table and it’s moving team will be able to navigate the route without major obstacles.

When you put the table in the truck, lay it flat so the weight won’t crush the side rails. Wrap the legs in protective padding and stow them, as well. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and have taken the table inside, make sure it is in the room you’ll be using it in before you reassemble it.

With proper planning, elbow grease and a little patience, your pool table will be ready to use at its new location in no time, and it will be none the worse for the wear (or transport, in this case!).

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